Our Mission:
To empower and enhance the quality
of life of people in our community as they age.


Happy 40th Anniversary SEESA Members.
Together in the Holyrood community for 4 decades.

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2021 Membership

Please stand by our SEESA, supporting us by purchasing your 2021 membership. If we get 600 memberships by December 1 we can consider a soft opening in January; depending on the pandemicsituation, of course. Membership is $30 annually If you are renewing your existing membership please click here.. If you are a new member please print out the membership form and mail it with your payment to our office. We will mail you a FOB. If your need for membership is more urgent because you want to register for a program, please contact us at 780-468-1985 and we will help you get set up.


Due to COVID all activities are temperarily cancelled
*REDUCED*Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 3 pm

Contact us:

9350 82 Street NW 
Edmonton Alberta Canada T6C 2X8
Ph 780.468.1985
Fx 780.440.6272
email: info[at]seesa[dot]ca

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History of SEESA




South East Edmonton Seniors Association (SEESA)
9350 82 ST NW Edmonton AB T6C 2X8
P 780.468.1985 www.seesa.ca

Executive Director: Vacant
Office Manager: Peggy Hansen
President, Board of Directors: JudyLynn Archer

City of Edmonton Occupancy Permit # 93A03448
Charitable # 119157246RR0001

Southeast Edmonton is a vibrant, compassionate, inclusive place to grow up and grow older.

To empower and enhance the quality of life of people in our community as they age.

Core Values
Responsiveness: We (SEESA members, volunteers, and staff) ask for input, listen, and build relationships. We are open to both opportunity and change.
Inclusion: We embrace diversity and provide a range of programs and services to accommodate different interests and needs.

Connection: We seek out and develop connections with our members and across the broader Edmonton community.

Sustainability: We operate our facilities, programs, and services on a cost inclusive basis (affordability) and make sure needed resources are in place to ensure access for all.

Team Work: We bring a collaborative and constructive attitude to all that we do to create a positive and welcoming SEESA community.





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