Building Updates – May 1, 2021

As detailed in the budget notes posted on the website, SEESA has been busy updating some of our building while we are closed. 

In 2020 we received our Facility Conservation Grant from the City of Edmonton.  Because of the chaos of 2020 we did not have an opportunity to apply these funds to the building updates that were proposed in the grant application. 

By the end of 2020, as all things COVID settled down, we were able to focus some time on the projects that were covered under this grant.  Some of the funds were invested in our COVID safety supplies such as sanitizer and disinfectants, touchless paper towel dispensers, and an electrostatic sprayer which will allow us to disinfect a whole room at a time.  These products are recommended under the Provincial guidelines.

One of the other projects that got completed under this grant was the installation of a “wave switch” on each of the bathroom doors.  So instead of having to push or pull the doors you now just wave your hand in front of the switch and the doors open automatically without having to touch them.  Not only does this apply to the COVID safety guidelines, it will be a huge benefit for those who use walkers and wheelchairs. 

The last portion of the grant money we received was spent on updating the inside of the building with new paint on the walls.  With the help of our volunteers, while practicing COVID protocols, we managed to get the main hallways, the cafeteria, and the Holyrood, Bonnie Doon, Ottewell and Edmonton rooms painted.  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint does for the building! 

As noted in our grant application, we either use the money for what it was intended or we have to pay it back.  The money from the 2020 Facility Conservation Grant has all been expended and we are on track to report back to the City of Edmonton that our obligation has been fulfilled. 

Peggy Hansen
Operations Manager