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A Message from the SEESA Board of Directors SEESA RE-OPENING  Our first and foremost concern is for the safety of all – members, volunteers,instructors, staff and anyone entering the facility. Under Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety legislation SEESA must protect allits workers (paid staff, volunteers, contract workers) from hazards. COVID-19

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Message from Acting President JudyLynn Archer

HELLO FELLOW SEESA MEMBERS!The current COVID sanctions are making life difficult for everyone but let’s hope they help put an end to this. Please remember to be extra careful at this time; wear a mask, stay six feet apart, don’t gather… and wash, wash, wash.Hang on; we will get through this! SUMMER

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Message from Acting President

Hello SEESA members! I wish I had good news for you today about re-opening but once again, to everyone’s frustration, current Alberta Health measures are preventing us from setting a re-opening date. Meanwhile, let’s continue being careful. We do encourage saving vaccination documentation in case it is needed in the

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Message from Acting President 2021/03/01

I trust this finds you well and enjoying the longer days. Spring is around the corner! The Board has recently received information from members who are worried that everything at SEESA is changing. I will address this in the following paragraphs. Everything at SEESA is not changing. We will be

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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ • The cost of keeping SEESA’s facility heated, lit and insured (with no staff in it) is roughly $100,000 per year.• If all 1,600 members were to renew their membership and purchase one gift membership, the facility costs would be covered for one year. Without having

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Presidents Message

As we head toward a very different Christmas, I send heartfelt wishes out to the universe that we are all able to find ways to stay connected, healthy and enjoying moments of happiness each day. With this letter I am pleased to inform you that SEESA’s 2021 Budget has been

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Presidents Message – November 23, 2020

Message #16 Dear SEESA Members, Two weeks ago it was sunny and we were enjoying a high of 16 C. How quickly things change! November, December and January can be pretty tough months at the best of times but with COVID-19 isolation and tightening socialization guidelines…well, it’s making a difficult

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President’s Message, Sep 17

Dear SEESA Member, In-between warm and cool days, garden harvesting has begun. Tomatoes, Swiss chard, carrots, onions, garlic, cabbage, corn…you name it, it’s being picked. Sauerkraut making is on the go to, as well as pickles, chutney, jams and jellies. I heard someone the other day talking about using their

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President’s Message, Aug 25

Dear SEESA Member, How crazy that it’s already August 25th! Lands sake, where does time go. I hope that you are finding ways to get outdoors to enjoy our beautiful summer, all the while being mindful of social distancing and Covid safety protocols. SEESA Online September 14th marks the day

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