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Club Liaisons Needed AND JOB OPENINGS

JOB OPENINGS: to view the current job openings we have please go to the menu item “GET INVOLVED” and click on the “Employment Opportunities”. If you or anyone you know have qualifications for any of our positions please submit a resume.

CLUB LIASONS NEEDED FOR SEPTEMBER: As we begin to schedule our programming, we find ourselves short of club liaisons.  The clubs listed below do not have a liaison and they are in jeopardy of not running.  If your club is not listed below then it has a liaison and it will be running beginning on the week of September 6 when most clubs will be starting up.  Please check the program guide being posted in August for the date that the clubs will begin.

Ballroom Dance
Carpet Bowling
Computer Club
Floor Curling – Tuesdays
Floor Shuffleboard
Mens Shed
Souper Solos

The following activities need a liaison before they can run.

 Monthly Ballroom Dances
Monthly Crib Tournaments
Monthly Dinners

If you are interested in leading any of these clubs or activities, please email 

Job Purpose

The Club Liaison acts as the leader to help the club run efficiently and to ensure the members who attend have all the information they need for a great experience.  They are the key point of contact between administration and the club and its activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

·        Act as the key point of contact for attendees to enjoy participating in a SEESA club.

·        Be available to answer all questions that attendees might have regarding participation.

·        Take attendance and check that all attendees have purchased their club time and record this on the attendance sheet provided by the front desk receptionists.

·        Pick up and return any keys needed.

·        Set up and tear down of any club materials needed to run the club.

·        Help attendees with the activity of the club to ensure they understand the rules and SEESA expectations.

·        Contact all members if club is cancelled or any timing has changed.

·        Work with program coordinator for all club needs.  An Expenditure Request form must be filled out and approved prior to any purchases being made.

Time Commitment

·        Clubs at SEESA run on different schedules and at various times during the week.

·        Liaisons are expected to be here prior to the start time of the club to set up any materials or equipment.  You are required to be available 15 minutes prior to the start time for all clubs that take place outside.

·        All volunteer hours (not what you spend as a club attendee) need to be reported to the Front Desk for tracking.  This usually works out to 30 minutes of Liaison time unless there is more to do with the club (eg:  calling attendees to cancel).  Volunteer engagement affects some of the funding that SEESA receives so we need to be sure we collect all volunteer hours worked.

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