Message from Acting President March 1, 2021

I trust this finds you well and enjoying the longer days. Spring is around the corner!

The Board has recently received information from members who are worried that everything at SEESA is changing. I will address this in the following paragraphs.

Everything at SEESA is not changing. We will be adding to the scope of programs and services and we will be learning how to diversify membership and moving forward with that initiative. Programs and activities that SEESA members love will continue to be offered as SEESA did in the past.

All organizations reach a point where they must evolve to remain relevant. SEESA is at this point. While SEESA is working to ensure everything is in place for when we are allowed to re-open, SEESA also needs to be thinking long term.

Over the next six months SEESA’s focus will be doing just that, through a new project entitled Building Tomorrow Today. SEESA will be reviewing relevant research and reaching out to members and other seniors within the surrounding area to understand the challenges and opportunities that SEESA needs to consider as we chart our future.

Building Tomorrow Today is about envisioning our future and building our capacity to get there. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this exciting process.

The work begins by acknowledging, respecting and building on the past. SEESA is a highly regarded organization built over 40 years by committed volunteers and staff all doing their best to create a community setting where seniors join together to learn, laugh, exercise, sing, play music, create visual art, produce plays, be creative and be themselves.

Members will receive a project overview and work plan mid March, including a schedule of when and how the communication activities will happen. We look forward to working with you!

Several members have asked me to clarify what happened with staff in 2020 I appreciate the
opportunity to explain.

No staff members were fired in 2020. Some staff were laid off and then permanently let go. In July, SEESA paid $98.286.00 in severance to staff who were let go. This was in keeping with each employee’s employment contract and Alberta Employment Standards.

Severance paid to staff will be shown in the 2020 audited financial statements which will be published on the SEESA website.

You will receive SEESA’s 2020 Annual Report in mid March which will include 2020 audited financial statements.

Two virtual ZOOM sessions will be held for members who have questions or wish to discuss information related to the Annual Report. Dates and zoom invitations will be included in my next message.

Outreach is a wonderful service provided for seniors who are in need of help, often with more than one area of life. Maybe you are having financial difficulties or problems with housing. Perhaps you have health issues, problems with your family, or feelings of loneliness. Social workers can help you deal with all areas of your life so you can be happier, healthier, and better connected with the support that is available.

Outreach services can help you in many ways:
1. Identifying your needs: financial, housing, legal, abuse, income tax, physical health, mental health, mobility, transportation, family dynamics, home service and repair, food, and more.

2. Connect you with resources: Social workers are knowledgeable on senior specific resources and will connect you with other programs and services that may be of help to you.

3. Emotional support: Social workers value and support you without judgment.

SEESA is partnering with Sage to deliver outreach services to SEESA members. Your key contact is social work manager Colleen Derksen Colleen was providing outreach services to SEESA members while Leslie Amundson was away from work. Colleen is now providing this service full time for SEESA members. Please feel welcome to contact Colleen at 780-701-9005

Membership at SEESA brings much joy to our lives and for many of us, has proven to be a lifeline. Whether it’s participating in programs and services or simply enjoying a snack with friends in our cafeteria, members’ lives are enriched when they are at SEESA.

We are asking members to renew their membership and donate one gift membership to help ensure that SEESA fixed building costs ( heat, insurance, general maintenance) are covered as we await permission to re-open.

Membership Sales Update:

  • 900 membership renewals gift memberships purchased
  • 696 out of 1,600 members have renewed their membership (904 current members have not yet renewed)
  • 204 out of 1,600 gift memberships have been donated (1,396 gift memberships still to be donated)
  • 55 NEW members have joined SEESA in 2021 compared to the 2020 numbers of members.

Please consider joining me for a coffee chat on Friday March 5th at 10AM-11AM

Thank you,
JudyLynn Archer, A/president on behalf of the SEESA Board of Directors