Message from Acting President – May 5, 2021

The current COVID sanctions are making life difficult for everyone but let’s hope they help put an end to this. Please remember to be extra careful at this time; wear a mask, stay six feet apart, don’t gather… and wash, wash, wash.
Hang on; we will get through this!

Staff are organizing a variety of jazzy summer outdoor programs, activities and patio food services to keep us going until we can fully reopen (all of which will depend on social distancing directives, of course). 
For the time being, we will continue with our online programming. You can see the latest schedules in our new Program Guide. 

To help frame SEESA’s future, we invited 40 members to join the Board and staff to share their thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to be a welcoming space while being flexible and responsive to membership and the community. Participants ranged from 55 to 85 years of age and came from a wide range of perspectives. 
One of the key points brought up was that people come to SEESA for their physical and mental well-being. They come to learn, to talk and be connected, to bring more life to themselves and those around them. They come for shared experiences and for a dose of happiness. 
Simply put, SEESA is a powerful force for good. We are seen as the place for joy, for fun, for learning and for sharing. We empower seniors to live well, to live life on their terms, and to embrace new opportunities, relationships and adventures. 
Ours is an evolving organization for an ever-evolving world. Just like our members, there is an opportunity for SEESA is to grow. This can be achieved by pursuing inclusivity, new members, new connections to the local community, new sponsors, new supporters, and quite simply an attitude full of gratitude. Through these efforts, SEESA becomes a magnet for positive change and possibilities, empowering seniors to be connected and live life to the fullest. 
A key to SEESA’s success is to remain forward thinking and responsive. We don’t settle. We listen. We act. We grow. We share. We innovate. The health of our members and our organization depends on it. 
By opening our doors to more people and becoming an even more accessible, vibrant and joyful place for our entire community, SEESA can build much needed new revenue streams to support programming. 
So what are our next steps? Over the next few months SEESA will undertake a process of community engagement. Through this, we’ll be seeking new partnerships and opportunities to help our organization grow and evolve. 
Learn more about the Building Tomorrow Today initiative here.

Members have been asking “who is advocating on behalf of seniors?” 
Answer – the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council. Read about it here.
There are also a number of other groups that are doing important advocacy work on behalf of seniors. These include Seniors United NowAlberta Council on Aging and Alberta Senior Citizens Housing Association.

We continue to encourage members to get vaccinated and to keep a copy of their documentation, in case it is needed. 

1st QUARTER FINANCIAL REPORT – You can read the latest financial report here. 

MEMBERSHIP – Current membership is 1,028. 

COFFEE CHAT – The next COFFEE CHAT with your Acting President is May 18 10AM. Bring your coffee, questions and suggestions! Join the Zoom Meeting here.