Message from Acting President – April 9, 2021

Hello SEESA members!

I wish I had good news for you today about re-opening but once again, to everyone’s frustration, current Alberta Health measures are preventing us from setting a re-opening date.

Meanwhile, let’s continue being careful. We do encourage saving vaccination documentation in case it is needed in the future.


Over the next few months we will be hosting a number of ZOOM sessions to help us all feel inspired, engaged and confident about building our future – by first understanding our past.

These sessions will focus on understanding four key aspects of SEESA’s brand:
• SEESA’s history
• what sets SEESA apart from its competitors
• what is the personality of SEESA
• what does SEESA believe in

Participants will be drawn from the SEESA membership as well as a few members of our community who know SEESA but who have never joined. You will be kept informed as things progress and there will be a variety of ways for members to engage in this process.


The first quarter financial report will be posted at the end of April or early May.


• 801 members have renewed their membership
• 216 gift memberships have been donated
• Total current membership: 1,017

Hat’s off to all the members who have donated Gift Memberships! These memberships will be awarded to 55+ members of the community who otherwise might not consider joining SEESA.