President’s Message, Aug 25 2020

Dear SEESA Member,

How crazy that it’s already August 25th! Lands sake, where does time go.

I hope that you are finding ways to get outdoors to enjoy our beautiful summer, all the while being mindful of social distancing and Covid safety protocols.

SEESA Online

September 14th marks the day when SEESA launches 30 plus classes online. Many of your favourite instructors are back with the classes you love to take. Once we have the bugs worked out of the online class programming, we will be in contact with the clubs to get these activities online. We will be in touch as soon as we can be. We know it’s not as good as being face to face but it surely beats being alone!

ZOOM Lets Talk! chats are on the website calendar for easy registration. Join in for some lively debate and conversation…maybe even a bit of gossip! Go to to see the schedule and join your friends and neighbours with SEESA online.

Sharing Your Life Story

As mentioned a couple of messages ago, SEESA is interviewing members to document their life story. Everyone has a story to tell and a legacy through which to inspire others…we would love to document yours!

Please contact SEESA if you are willing to share your story OR if you are willing to serve as ‘cub reporters’ to interview and document the stories. Contact us HERE to:

• Identify yourself as being willing to share your story

• Volunteer as a cub reporter

• Volunteer to photograph members who agree to share their stories

Board Recruitment

We are delighted to inform you that SEESA member Donna Spanu has joined SEESA’s Governance Committee; she jumped in last week with sleeves rolled right up to her elbows. Welcome to the team, Donna!

We continue to seek members’ application to join SEESA’s Governance Committee and SEESA’s Finance Committee. Terms of Reference for SEESA’s Governance Committee is found HERE and Terms of Reference for SEESA’s Finance Committee is found HERE

We also continue to seek a SEESA member who has Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) designation, to fill the Board Treasurer position.

The selection process is based on SEESA Core Competencies and our desire to be a diverse, inclusive and accessible organization. Go HERE to view the Core Competencies.

Strategic Planning

Our final strategic planning workshop on August 24th was well attended and highly productive. The development of a three year Strategic Plan is now underway; it should be ready to share with you by late September. The development of an Operational Plan will follow.

The Question of Re-Opening

We continue to scan the environment to understand what other senior centres are doing, and engage in conversation about how and when to re-open SEESA. One senior centre is open at this time but it is on a very limited and appointment-only basis. Senior centres are not encouraging their members to gather; the risk to seniors remains high and especially so with flu season around the corner. So while we all want to re-open and resume our SEESA activities, we must think carefully through how and when we do it. Stay tuned and thank you for your continued patience and understanding on this matter.

Financial Controls

Staff have been working diligently to understand and correct a number of issues that have come to light regarding the lack of internal (financial) controls and oversight at SEESA. For example, we’ve learned that a number of memorial donations made in 2018 were deposited into SEESA’s operating bank account, as opposed to being used for the purpose they were intended, which was to purchase a memorial bench.

The SEESA Board of Directors and staff were deeply upset and embarrassed to learn this happened and we offer our collective and most sincere apology to Elsa Marie Fraser, her family and the other donors who were impacted by this action.

The memorial bench is being ordered and will be put into the SEESA building as soon as it arrives. Appropriate policies and oversight controls are being put into place to ensure this kind of breach never happens again.

In Closing

Thank you so very much for the notes and letters of encouragement regarding the work that is being done to get SEESA’s governance and operations back on an even keel. Your support is most appreciated!

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you online. I hope you will consider joining my Let’s Talk! discussion on September 2nd at 10AM.

Cheers…JudyLynn Archer, Acting President, on behalf of the SEESA Board of Directors

Notes to the Financial Position

• City of Edmonton 2020 revenue was all received by May 31 and is acknowledged amongst the assets listed.

• There is still no word from the City of Edmonton regarding the Senior Centre Investment Program funding for 2021, which is a large grant that has supported SEESA’s operations in the past.

• For the rest of 2020 SEESA is counting on existing savings and assets, and the Federal CEWS grant for income.

• In the remaining months of 2020 we do not expect any revenues from our usual sources such as fundraising, donations or the cafeteria. We will now start receiving revenues from our online classes. Spending is closely monitored.

• 3 of the 6 current positions are fully funded through a City of Edmonton grant.

• Costs such as insurance and utilities are primarily covered by casino funds.

• With limited income for the rest of 2020 we will draw down our assets, leaving SEESA with an estimated $259,932.00 at year end. This significant change in our financial position is the key driver for us to develop new Strategic and Operational Plans for a sustainable future.