Presidents Message – November 23, 2020

Message #16

Dear SEESA Members,

Two weeks ago it was sunny and we were enjoying a high of 16 C. How quickly things change!

November, December and January can be pretty tough months at the best of times but with COVID-19 isolation and tightening socialization guidelines…well, it’s making a difficult time of year even more so. Lets all of us commit to watching over our friends and neighbours as winter moves in.


As of today;
• 426 individuals have renewed their SEESA membership
• 120 Gift memberships purchased to donate to seniors in our community
• 2020 donations = $29,013
This means we need 54 more membership purchases (renewals/new/gift) remaining to achieve our goal of 600 memberships by December 1st. Let’s keep it going…let’s call that friend or neighbour who has mentioned an interest in joining!

In December we will be contacting all SEESA members who made donations to SEESA this year and last. We will be asking for your input on a new Donation Policy that will serve to direct how donated funds are used.

The Board of Directors has approved a new Code of Conduct. The Code forms a revised, consolidated policy statement to guide the behavior of all participants engaged in SEESA activities onsite and online. The Code provides a mechanism for the Board of Directors to consider the suspension or termination of any participant who breaches the Code of Conduct. See the Code here.

January 18th remains our intended re-opening date but this is dependent upon any directives coming from Alberta Health Services. Fingers crossed!

ONLINE COURSE ENROLMENT & ZOOM CHATS will continue throughout 2021.

The new website will be unveiled in December. Stay tuned.

We are hoping to secure more volunteers to serve as Friendly Callers over Christmas and New Years. SEESA Friendly Callers respond to phone calls from SEESA members and other southeast seniors who are experiencing loneliness and frustration stemming from COVID and winter isolation. Please call Mary Anne at (780) 468-1985 extension #223 or email to put your name on the list. We will be doing some Friendly Caller zoom training sessions in early December.

Would you be interested in writing articles for a new quarterly SEESA newsletter?  The newsletter will be written by and for SEESA members – short articles about things, places, people, nature – whatever suits the writer’s fancy such as birds, photography, hope, botany, rocks, politics, food, Alberta’s history, the ancient world, sports, favourite drives in the country, loss of hearing or other realities facing seniors – any topic that members would like to write about and share.  SEESA staff can format the newsletter. We’ll need a volunteer to lead the charge in pulling content together.  Please do let us know if you’d be interested in participating. Staff do recall receiving an email from a member stating that she would be interested in serving in this capacity but her email message was subsequently lost. We’re hoping she will read this and call us again.  Call (780) 468-1985 or email  Let us know how if you would like to participate!

In preparation for the spring AGM, SEESA will seek to fill eight (8) positions on the SEESA Board of Directors. As per SEESA Bylaws, positions may be filled by SEESA members and/or members of the public.  SEESA seeks individuals who have a background, depth of experience and contextual knowledge in areas such as governance, human resources management, capacity building, risk management and financial management. See Board Competencies here and SEESA’s 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan here  It will require all hands on deck. The upside and it’s a big one – you will be joining an amazing team. Please send your letter of interest and resume to
Our intention is to have a full slate of qualified individuals along with their
biographical information, to present to the membership at the AGM.

Although our AGM is months away, planning is underway. Continuing our commitment to transparency, we will be informing and engaging the SEESA membership throughout the process.  Over the next few months you will receive documentation in preparation for the AGM. ZOOM Town Hall meetings will be scheduled in January to provide members the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.
There has been and continues to be a wide variety of initiatives on the go, with many SEESA members and friends volunteering to help. It is testament to what can happen when a group of like-minded individuals join together to pull on the same rope, in the same direction, at the same time. Thank you, everyone. This said, in my past messages I made the mistake of including individuals’ names without first making sure that she/he had given us permission to do so. My sincere apologies. In future we will ask volunteers to let us know whether or not we can publish their name and/or photograph.

The 2021 Budget and supporting documentation will be coming to you shortly.

Thank you for the opportunity to keep you posted on what’s happening behind the-scenes at SEESA. It is a privilege to work with the team and get to know more of SEESA’s amazing volunteers.

My next Let’s Talk zoom is Wednesday November 25th at 10AM. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for me to learn what is important to you. Do join in! Register here

Thank you and cheers for now…JudyLynn Archer, Acting President, on behalf of the SEESA Board of Directors