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STEP Forward: Supervised Transitional Exercise Program

The STEP Forward Program presented by Alberta Health Services is a beginner to intermediate level functional physical activity program suitable for people with one or more chronic health conditions that limits their ability to move. The service offers:

I) individual initial assessment with a team of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and a Kinesiologist to determine eligibility for the program,
ii) eight weeks of progressive exercise, held twice weekly, working up to 40-45mins toward end of program. Classes are 1-hour long.
iii) built-in education with exercise classes and three formal educational sessions talking about benefits of exercise, goal setting, programs and resources in the community
iv) discharge assessment and reviewing personal goals after STEP program
v) one, three and six months follow-up and intervention, as needed,
vi) occupational therapy consultation, if required, during programming.

For more information or to self-refer, please call the STEP Forward Intake Line: 780-735-3483

Steps to get into the program:
1. Call 780-735-3483 to book an initial assessment
2. Come to an initial assessment to determine eligibility
3. Be on STEP waitlist for preferred community site

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