Volunteer – First draft

Volunteer – First draft

Find Fulfillment Through Volunteering

Volunteering offers the opportunity to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others.

From serving at the reception desk, conducting program evaluation, organizing events, serving on the Board of Directors and its various Board Committees, there’s no end to the ways we can contribute.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at SEESA is a fantastic way for seniors to help seniors, positively impacting the lives of others while reaping the benefit of being engaged socially, emotionally and physically.

No matter the task, every volunteer makes a big difference. If you’ve been thinking about contributing your time or just want to socialize with others and make new friends, this is your chance!

Volunteer Opportunities

Available Volunteer Positions Total Positions
Administrative Assistant for the operations manager 1
COVID Protocol Coordinator 1
COVID Protocol Ushers and Assistants 20+
Front Desk Receptionist Lead 1
Front Desk Receptionists 10
Custodian Assistants 4

Available Membership Services Positions Total Positions
Program Development Advisor 3
Diversity and Inclusion Advisor 3
Program Scheduler 1
Club Liaison 1 for each club
Summer Garden Tour Coordinator 1
Birding Events Coordinator 1
Out of Town Adventure Tour Coordinator 1
City Adventure Tours Coordinator 1
Dinner Theatre Adventures Coordinator 1
Kitchen Assistants 15
Food & Beverage Servers 20
Art & Crafts Curator 1
Librarian 1 (Shared Role)
Library Assistants 4
Wood Workshop Coordinator 1
Wood Workshop Assistants 4
Tool Crib Controller (crib control, tool sharpening & maintenance) 1
Grounds Maintenance Coordinator 2
Grounds Maintenance Assistants 4
Flower Bed Coordinator 1
Waste Management Coordinator 1

Interested in becoming a Board Standing Committee Member for Finance, Governance, Human Resources, or Membership Services?

Click here to fill out an application 


To volunteer for a Board position, please contact the Acting President, JudyLynn Archer, at jlarcher@shaw.ca

Please contact Peggy Hansen at the office to sign up for a volunteer position 
p: (780) 468-1985 |  e: peggy@seesa.ca