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Message from Acting President 2021/03/01

I trust this finds you well and enjoying the longer days. Spring is around the corner! The Board has recently received information from members who are worried that everything at SEESA is changing. I will address this in the following paragraphs. Everything at SEESA is not changing. We will be

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IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ • The cost of keeping SEESA’s facility heated, lit and insured (with no staff in it) is roughly $100,000 per year.• If all 1,600 members were to renew their membership and purchase one gift membership, the facility costs would be covered for one year. Without having

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Urinary incontinence, also known as bladder weakness, is a common and treatable condition among older adults. In this webinar, you will learn about the different types of urinary incontinence and how to manage it with evidence-backed lifestyle changes targeting weight, physical activity, dietary changes, and smoking. To learn more and to

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SEESA’s centre remains closed at this time but most classes are online. See the new program guide and updated calendar here: If you are having trouble registering online, please call the office at 780-468-1985 and someone will help you.

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SEESA’s Holiday Exhibit

Allow your visual senses to be stimulated. ENJOY! Hand Made Cards We asked Holyrood School and SEESA Card Makers if they would make some Christmas cards for us to send to 300 of our members who we challenge to communicate with because they are not on line. Christmas kindness is

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Membership Renewal

Please stand by our SEESA by purchasing your 2021 membership! As of today we have 555 individuals who have either bought a new membership or renewed their membership and 136 Gift memberships have been purchased to donate to seniors in our community for a total of 691 memberships bought to

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Presidents Message

As we head toward a very different Christmas, I send heartfelt wishes out to the universe that we are all able to find ways to stay connected, healthy and enjoying moments of happiness each day. With this letter I am pleased to inform you that SEESA’s 2021 Budget has been

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